July 3rd, 2012

Just uploaded! An oldy-but-a-goody d.b.s. album. Scroll all the way dooooown.

Look for the Ache display at these local independent record shops:

Scratch Records
1 East Hastings St.

Zulu Records
1972 West 4th Ave.

Red Cat Records
4332 Main St.

2016 Commercial Dr.

Zoo Zhop
223 Main St.

Dandelion Emporium
2442 Main St.

Div/orce Series
Each of these Ache 7”s is a small, limited run split between an experimental electronic artist & a band. Over six years, they have been revealing a painting. The final piece will be unveiled in 2011.

Intentionally pairing bands and artists playing sonically different styles, the series highlights the common spirits of freedom and individuality found in music created by people unrestricted by a desire to fit into any existing template.